DNest - Drone in a box

D60 Charging Station

High environmental adaptability: built-in constant temperature air conditioner, suitable for high and low temperature environments
Modular and highly integrated design: easy to maintain and transport, light weight Full status feedback: each module has a status feedback and can remotely diagnose the system status
Safe and reliable: there is an internal monitoring lens to see the aircraft and canopy status in real time
Anti-theft: electronic locks are installed to ensure the safety of the aircraft
Flexible and easy to deploy: small size
Dust proof: fully enclosed design
Stable operation and low noise: using HEISHA pattern K100 control module

Freesky Ground Control

Safe flight: all missions are carried out in the gee-fence
HD real-time video: millisecond low latency remote broadcast
Automatic route mission, mission can be saved
Game-level flight experience: remote manual flight can be controlled through the keyboard and mouse operation.
Point to flight: In the manual mission, click the location on the map with the mouse, and the drone will fly to the specified location automatically
Remote gimbal control for video and picture shooting
One key panoramic shooting: you can get 360° pictures with one click
Original file remote download

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

31 minutes flight time
Optical 2X zoom
Omni-directional obstacle avoidance 10km video transmission
48 megapixel photo
4x zoom full HD video
Faster and more accurate zoom Three-axis gimbal
Low noise design

DNest - Included in the box

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
Customised Battery
Landing Gear

DNest - Specs

Charging Station

Size (closed): 1114*733*733mm (L *W*H)
Size (opened): 1114*733*514 mm (L *W*H)
Protection: IP54, rainproof, light resistant, corrosion resistant
Working temp.: -20~50 degrees Celsius
Weight: 45kg
Humidity protection: 30%-50%RH
Durability: 50000 times
Working power: AVG 400W
Charge time: 45mins
Output voltage: 17.6V

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