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Automation R&D, production, quality control and after-sales service

HEISHA Technology continues to focus and concentrate on the research and development, upgrade, production, quality control, and cost control of automatic charging pad. We have successfully completed the mass production verification. At present, HEISHA has a strong adaptive capacity and standard product production capacity. Integrating quality suppliers in the industry, we have established a complete set of production process,
and ensure the stability of the product by self-developed control board and charge control, which greatly improves the stability of the product.
HEISHA only makes drone automatic charging system hardware, and keeps the hardware interface open.

With 1700 square meters of production workshop, it has accumulated rich experience in the field of automation, safety and unmanned of machinery. The factory is equipped with automatic drilling machines, chamfering machines, automatic tapping machines, product parts handling robots, automatic assembly lines and other machinery has been widely used in the production of products. The factory gathers excellent technical talents in automation and machinery industry, and has set up integrated services such as automation R&D, production, quality control and after-sales service, etc. The factory has also set up electronic production control system platform to improve the information control ability of product quality control and production control.

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