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Drone Software Solutions

FlytBase closely works with customers to help them with automated drone software solutions. Cloud connectivity with various pre-built onboard intelligence modules and enterprise-grade features, provide all the essential building blocks for quickly assembling sophisticated drone applications for warehouse-management, security & surveillance, industrial inspections, emergency response, etc.

FlytBase precision landing technology enables drones to autonomously and accurately land on the Charging Pads or Docking Stations. Drone-in-a-box solutions securely store the drones and charge them to prepare for the next autonomous BVLOS mission. The connectivity over 4G/LTE/5G enables the remote drone operators to manage and control a fleet of drones and docking stations in real-time from a distance through the cloud. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can see the live status of the fleet, analyze real-time video feed from the drone cameras, access device status, battery and charging data, and make use of advanced drone battery features.

Manual operations are inefficient and time-consuming; Drone-in-a-Box technology coupled with our intelligent software, can provide drastic time and cost reduction whereby incrementing the ROI significantly. Subject Matter Experts can monitor and supervise multiple operations and initiate suitable response accordingly from a distance, in real time.

FlytBase provides tight integration of the drones & docking station for various business applications.

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